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“Two sides of the same coin.” If you say that two things are two sides of the same coin, you mean that there are different ways of looking at or dealing with the same situation. It perfectly fits for everyone that is curious about outsourcing myths. The ones that are wondering if it helps or harms your business. Find the answer by reading this article. Let’s jump in!

Myth #1: Outsourcing and offshore are the same thing.

This confusion between offshore and outsourcing often arises because these terms are closely related and often used together. These terms do have some common characteristics like both involve the delegation of tasks or services to an external partner. However, they are different from each other and hold different meanings.

Outsourcing is delegating tasks to a third-party vendor while offshoring is moving operations to another country. Outsourcing and offshoring are globally trending for businesses looking to reduce overhead costs, scale processes, and expand operations. Note that they are not interchangeable terms.

Myth #2: Cultural and linguistic obstacles will get in your way.

You may call it cultural difference but we would like to call it cultural diversity. Contrary to the myth, cultural diversity sparks a fusion of great ideas that you might not get from someone working locally. Imagine the strong management skills and holistic approach of the Indian workforce, influenced by their rich family culture, seamlessly mixing with the analytical mindset of their U.S. counterparts. Together, it’s not just a collaboration, it’s a fusion where the strengths of one complement and complete the other.

Celebrate Difference, Celebrate Diversity!


Myth #3: Time-zone difference can reduce efficiency

Businesses might be concerned that time zone differences in offshore outsourcing will cause scheduling difficulties.

Fun fact: most outsourcing companies hire employees who work in the time zone of their target region. However, your company and the outsourcing service provider may readily utilize overlapping or non-overlapping hours of operation for meetings and direct communication.

A secret tip: you can take advantage of time differences.
Larger time differences can also mean you’ll both be productive, it can create a nearly 24-hour cycle of productivity and increase your company’s efficiency, allowing you to scale, cut costs, and focus on core competencies.

Hence, we debunked the myth of inefficiency by focusing on scalability.

Myth #4: One should pick their outsourcing partner based on their country!

While it is true that countries such as the Philippines and India thrive in BPO, and countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Singapore, and Malaysia are widely recognized for IT outsourcing, presuming that outsourcing to a specific country ensures good outcomes can be quite fictitious. The caliber of the outsourcing firm is the most important aspect. As a result, it is of the utmost importance that you carefully choose your outsourcing partner.

Myth #5: Outsourcing poses the risk of security breach!

This myth doesn’t hold up in our 13-year experience as an offshore staffing company. Given the offshore work setup they would be least likely to steal your leads/prospects. Our offices are also ISO certified adhering to all quality control measures for industry specific needs. (An ISO 27001:2013 Certified Company) Ensuring you choose a trustworthy partner is crucial for security. Check their background, client reviews, and teammate feedback. Positive reviews indicate reliability. 


In the current economy and market trends, outsourcing resources is a winning option for businesses.

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