What jobs/tasks can I offshore?

RE offers non-voice, voice and technical services for almost any domain. We also offer customized services to meet your business requirements. You may check out our services page for more details on roles that we offer.

Can I hire part-time/full-time?

We provide resources that are dedicated full-time to fulfil your requirements and carry out your assigned tasks.

How long can I hire an employee for?

There is no limit on duration. You can hire resources as long as you require them. You are required to inform at least one month before terminating the contract.

Number of employees I can hire? Size of the staff?

There is no limit on number of employees you hire. You can add/remove new member according to your requirement at any time. Contact us and we will find the right person for you and will accommodate new member in your offshore team. You can start with only one resource also.

Would I get resource working according to my time zone?

Absolutely, we are 24/7 working service providers. We have flexible work hours with overlapping work hours who will work around your business work hours. We support all your requirements.

How long the hiring process takes?

Hiring process takes around one to two weeks. Our HR team will take care of hiring process according to your requirements and the resource hired will work for you and will report to you only.

What about handholding employees for clients/ training?

Resource Extension will provide extensive support in the initial phase. We will ensure that the on-boarding of your resource shall be hassle free and with minimum intervention from your side.

Is there any downtime in remote staff services?

We provide full support to establish your remote team setup support, from power supply to technical infrastructure like internet and computer system. Our office is equipped with high speed internet connectivity and uninterrupted power supply.

How to manage my remote team?

You will be provided camera access as well as biometrics details of your resource for monitoring and sharing their daily activity report. Your resource will be fully under your access so you can interact or communicate as per your available platform to track their productivity.

What is the minimum duration of contract period? Or duration for the termination of contract?

We don’t have minimum contract period. You are required to inform at least one month prior to terminate any resources or fully close our service. Our contract process is very simple and transparent. There is no legal binding or employment contract on your side.

Unique requirements and customized requirements?

You need to provide us the detailed job description and resource requirements and we will ensure to cater your all needs with full satisfaction. In case of specialized software or application, you also need to provide remote access to your staff.


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